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November 29, 2011
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Skyrim Meme by Reddragonwings Skyrim Meme by Reddragonwings
Lol crappy art, but I love Skyrim too much not to do it...
Original meme at [link] by :vampirisa:

1. Svesk! She's a good gal. Was playing her totally 'good' until the Thieves' Guild, haha. Seems like a lot of people are playing Argonians... They're cool, I understand why. <3 Also she doesn't look too feminine, does she? :(

2. I thought the intro said something like that, but maybe he meant the horse thief? I dunno. I'm workin' with it though!

3. I promise she's a good girl...She DOES get a bit nutty when her friends are threatened though, and she's come to enjoy stealing after joining the guild. She still never takes more than the house can spare though, and never from beggars or the poor.

4. I really hated Brynjolf at first. He was kinda rude and I took like three days debating on taking his quest or not...but as time went on I realized how...well kind he is. He's a good soul, if a bit underhanded. I hate his hood, but eh. In the game I can make him take it off. >_> And Maven...I still don't like her. She's snotty and egotistical and thinks she's hot shit, but she isn't. And her hair's ugly. :P

5. One day. I've tried all sorts of console commands to make it work, but alas. Still working on how Argonians kiss...their lips don't seem terribly flexible. Ah well. Either he loves me now or he deals with the fact that I'll be leering at him across the Twilight Sanctum for all eternity. Apparently. Also I think Ulfric just needs a hug. I'm sure he gets plenty of lays...but some genuine affection would be nice. Might improve his crankiness.

6. Specifically the cutscene in Speaking With Silence. <3 I was on the edge of my seat!

7. Mainly Thieves' Guild. I joined Companions first, but that quest line is bumming me out. College seems fun but I just started. I'm not joining Legion OR Stormcloaks. Also I wiped out the Dark Brotherhood. I didn't wanna kill those people in the shack, even if two of three of them were irritating as piss.

8. Didn't play those games. Maybe I will? I dunno.

9. The neverending choices and options are fantastic. I love that I have to really think over some moral choices for a change, not just blast through a game like 'whatever!'

10. ...Kinda the same issue? Infinite choices/possibilities = I get spread thin. I like to play efficiently, but there's lots of things ALL OVER needing done.

11. I really do love the game. It would get a 10/10 if not for the glitches, but I'm sure those'll be patched son. <3
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garrusfan3 Jun 25, 2013
at number 3
GET OVER HERE :iconscorpionplz:
Pester031 Apr 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Love this xD
Btw, you may or may not know but there is a mod on Steam Workshop that lets you marry Brynjolf....Its called Friendly Brynjolf :3
everytime i steal something the eye goes to "seen" mode and i get caught =/ maybye cause my computer makes skyrim run so laggy.

anyways nice meme and character
I have one question ... Who the hell (girls of course) don't want to marry with Brynjolf?
If there is a girl in the Thieve's Guild, and she didn't want to marry Brynjolf ... she is weird...
And of course I love him 8D
You're so damn right xD
I wanted to marry Brynjolf too!! I've never enjoyed being called Lass so much!!
Yinello Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
5. Brynjolf is sweet isn't he? I also play an Argonian and I've also got the same issue on the kissing. xD

7. Aaah you wiped out my favorite faction! *makes contract* D<
Brynjolf! WHY U NO MARRIAGABLE? *sob* Haha! Seriously, he's marvellous and yet we can't have him. It's not like he even dies (unlike some other characters I'd like to marry). Ahh...

Ah, someone else killed the DB too? I didn't on my main character (she was pretty evil), but my second one was a pure goody kitten-shines-and-cookies character. So she killed the lot. XD

The Thieves quest was marvellous wasn't it? It was bugged on my first character, and I was a goody on my second, so I had to make another for the Thieves. It was so worth it! Brynjolf, Karliah, Nightingale Armour, and spoilery-spoilery-spoilery? So much fun!
LadyLunia Dec 25, 2011
You should totally try morrowind!! Oblivion is also nice but morrowind even is a little cooler. although the graphic is really some kinda culture shock compared to skyrim. ^^;
PhantomDragoness Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
...I stare at the map and cry too. :cries: Then I died when they released the map that had EVERYTHING on it. :faint:

Still and awesome game! And you get points for liking Brynjolf. :iconimhappyplz:
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